What is töissä.fi?

Service for students

Töissä.fi provides information and tips on how graduates from the Universities and the Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland could find jobs more easily. We offer statistical information about jobs, professions, incomes and more. The site also has hundreds of stories written by professionals in many different fields, that give students idea about the working life: what kind of skills are needed, what kind of tasks typical workday is made of, how to apply jobs etc.

The statistical data is collected by surveys made for the graduates from the Universities and the UAS, who graduated  five years earlier. Collected data gives detailed information about the labor market and career development of graduates. These surveys are conducted every two years and the data is updated to our website regularly. All data on the site is provided by user-friendly visualizations, that are easily accessible for all.

The site is managed and maintained by University of Tampere in cooperation with Higher Education Institutions in Finland

Töissä.fi was designed by Nordkapp Oy. The data visualizations are designed by Nordkapp Oy and Spartak Design. Web design and technical development is done by Flo Apps Oy. The site is built with SilverStripe.

For more information, please contact info@toissa.fi

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